This innocent young man bought a Television set in Alaba International Market, Lagos, Nigeria. Out of happiness he left the shop without collecting the receipt of the TV set.

The store owner sent one of his maids to run after the guy and give him the receipt.

The maid sighted the guy some poles away and started calling him.

People started asking the maid who that is, he shouted the guy with the TV.

Before he got there, the guy was almost beaten to death.

The guy with receipt asked what the guy did and everybody turned to him in shock.

But you were shouting, *Na thief, Na thief!* (He is a thief, he is a thief)

The maid said *Noooo, I was calling his name, Lateef, Lateef.*

The police arrested about four people who laid hands on the innocent boy. More arrests will still be made. The shop owner and the made were also arrested.