His name is Ndani Khan, from Zimbabwe. His mother had HIV infection when she was pregnant of him. After she gave birth to little Ndani, she believed the child will die because the HIV was transmitted to him while in the womb so she dumped little Ndani in a pit.

Road passers saw the baby and rescued him. As long as God is alive, they believed a miracle can happen. The doctors say he has few weeks to live but they never stopped praying for this child.

Since then, an old woman took Ndani in and been taking good care of him. The woman is said to be a believer who thinks that someday God will heal poor Ndani.

Always she pray that God touch this child and make him live. She took to Social Media to ask people to support people with HIV not victimise them.  She said they need prayers, medication and support not hate or discrimination.

She wrote:

Type “AMEN” and share  if you wish him to survive.

Ignore if you don’t care.

God Bless you as you Type AMEN and share,” she concludes.