The lesson here is that, much like bears — yet another animal that’s been punched on behalf of a dog — you should never get between man and his best friend.

Since the video went wildly viral, has provided a bit more background on the situation, and it’s definitely a unique one.

The video was apparently filmed during a hunting trip organized for a young man named Kailem, who succumbed to cancer last week, Matthew Amor, the trip’s organizer, told the site.

Kailem wanted to catch a boar, Amor said, so the friends took to Amor’s property in New South Wales, with someone shooting DVD footage for Kailem’s family.

One of the hunting dogs — who are apparently trained not to touch kangaroos — got snared by the marsupial, so Greg Tonkins — a zookeeper at Taronga’s Westerns Plains Zoo, intervened.

Amor said the dog was fine, thanks to a special collar it wears while boar-hunting, though Tonkins may face disciplinary action at his job, which said it’s “reviewing the case.”

But Amor says at least one person would find the whole thing funny: “Kailem would be looking down from up there and laughing because it was the highlight of the trip.”