When it comes to tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTQA ( Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, Advocates) community, the world still has a long way to go. Just recently, an incident that resulted in a trans woman’s death proved not only how horribly cruel humans can be, but also that transgender people are more at risk than ever when they’re out.

The images are very disturbing and incredibly sad too. Once you see them, you won’t be able to unsee them.

42-year-old Dandara dos Santos was at home minding her own business when everything took an unexpectedly tragic turn.

Dandara was literally dragged from her home and into the street by residents of Fortaleza, Ceara State, in Brazil and attacked by a bunch of transphobic neighbors.

They used a plank of wood, their feet and their fists to hit Dandara until she was a bleeding pulp. But as she screamed and cried, no one came to her aid.

To make things worse, her cries for help went unheard. Oh, but it wasn’t because people couldn’t hear. Her neighbors knew what was going on but they simply lacked the humanity to actually go out there and help her.

As she laid on the ground covered in blood, she struggled to stand, but her attackers didn’t give her the chance.

They callously lifted her into a wheelbarrow and rolled her away to a back alley where she ultimately met a grisly death at the hands of her attackers.

If this wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the last thing that Dandara heard were cheers and laughter as she was beaten to death.

Even the person who filmed the attack was heard saying “they will kill the f*ggot” in Portuguese, and then they laughed while the attackers taunted Dandara with homophobic slurs and horrible comments related to her hormone-therapy induced breasts.

Once the horrifying footage was circulated by the police, the incident sparked outrage among LGBTQA groups.

The community desperately wanted to help find these killers and so did the cops. In fact, police inspector Damasceno, who was investigating Dandara’s death, claims that the video helped a lot, and so did the LGBT community.

Cops went from house to house showing the clip to locals, but when they arrived at one particular house, something unexpected happened.

Two of the people identified in the video fled from authorities, but cops have promised that they will go after the killers and make them pay for this heinous act of barbarism.