The Republic of Zimbabwe is a country divided into ten provinces which are then divided up into districts, and then by municipalities. This is mostly due to previous war efforts that the country has gone through. Zimbabwe has gone through political turmoil and civil unrest for decades, and has been a repeat offender for violating the basic human rights of its citizens.

The political structure of Zimbabwe is a republic, but they have a semi-presidential system of government with an upper Senate and a lower House of Assembly that has a President as the head of the country.

The current President of Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe, he was born on February 21, 1924, in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He was the son of a village carpenter and was trained as a teacher in a Roman Catholic mission school. After mission school, Mugabe went into nationalist politics while he was a student at the University College of Fort Hare, South Africa.

Robert Mugabe abolished the position of Prime Minister in 1987, and assumed the position of President of Zimbabwe, and has held this position for over three decades.

With all these, it seems that there’s no more to be known but with an enigma like Mugabe, we have fished out 10 very interesting facts that most people still don’t know about him.

10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Mugabe.

10.  While he was incarcerated in Wha Wha prison, then the Sikombela, and then finally Salisbury prison where he served the majority of his prison sentence, he earned two law degrees; a BSc, Bachelor of Law and MSc Master of Law. He earned these degrees from the University of London’s external program.

09.  Besides these degrees, Mugabe has earned thirteen Honorary LLD, D. Com and D. Tech degrees, with three of the LLD degrees revoked.

08.  Another, is the fact that Mugabe is religious. Born near the Kutama Jesuit Mission, he grew up in a religious household. Both of his parents were Roman Catholic, he studied in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College.

07.  While serving as Prime Minister, Robert Mugabe allowed thousands of Matabeleland natives to be killed, due to political tensions between him and his opposing political party, which resulted in the formation of the one big Zimbabwean political party – but not without the cost of over 20,000 lives.

06.  President Robert Mugabe was awarded Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II for improving relations between Britain and Zimbabwe, but this was revoked in 2008 due to his abuse of the basic human rights of his citizens, and his total disregard for the democratic process which his presidency has ruled over.

So, on 25 June 2008, the Queen of England cancelled and annulled the honorary knighthood after advice from the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom. “This action has been taken as a mark of revulsion at the abuse of human rights and abject disregard for the democratic process in Zimbabwe over which President Mugabe has presided”

05.  Robert Mugabe has been viewed as being racist towards white people and targeting white citizens in various ways. Along with this, due to his religious views, he’s opposed to LGBT rights in Zimbabwe, banning homosexual acts within the country, and stating that homosexuals were “worse than dogs and pigs”.

04.  According to CNN reports, on February 2010, Mugabe celebrates his 86th birthday with a lavish party, costing a reported $300,000 (R4.3) NOW.

03.  On December 17, 2010, Mugabe threatened to seize all Western-owned investments in Zimbabwe unless their governments remove targeted sanctions imposed on him and his senior party members.

02.  Though he is known internationally for being cruel and tyrannical towards his people, the country of Zimbabwe has a 90% literacy rate. The highest for any African country as of 2008. This is due largely to Robert Mugabe’s passion for education, and his past history for learning to become a teacher and teaching fellow inmates how to read while he was incarcerated.

01. He was a good teacher. Robert Mugabe completed his economics degree in 1958 but kept on teaching in a school in Ghana until 1960. He also taught at St. Mary’s Teacher Training College where he met his first wife, Sarah Heyfron.

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