Brazil authorities said on Friday that when the man, William Roberto Ferreira Costa, 27, arrived at the Leo Drinks Bar prostitution house and learnt the woman he wanted was unavailable, he returned to his car for a revolver, opened fire and killed the brothel’s 72-year-old owner, her 29-year-old
granddaughter, a barman, a waitress and a 46-year-old prostitute.

Costa also burst into the bedroom where his favorite prostitute, 30 year old Ms Lima was with Anderson Montenor, 37, a businessman in the town, and killed them both.

The shooting happened Wednesday night at a roadside brothel in Jaboticabal, a city of 70,000 people in the state of Sao Paulo. It caused panic at the brothel, where screaming prostitutes and clients ran from the house and hid in sugarcane fields nearby.

The 27-year-old shooter managed to escape on foot, but turned himself in to police on Thursday. Brazilian media reports identified the man as a barber married with a newborn son and with no criminal record.