With the upsurge in threats and violent crimes against white  South African farmers, threatening to reopen old wounds in a nation still racked by racial division.

The South African government is preparing to expropriate land without compensation from white farmers, which is setting the tone for violent attacks of the innocent farmers.

Different farm victims have made modest attempt to draw the attention of the world to their unfavourable situation in a nation that was given a good slate by former president Nelson Mandela.

This statement from the Russian leader is coming on the heels of his visit to South Africa and several months after US Donald Trump warned the world against the deplorable situation of insecurity in South Africa. Stating that the current situation in the country is not the same as that which former president Nelson Mandela left behind.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, who is politically the most influential man in the world has said in an official statement  that; the disturbing situation must be addressed by world leaders and the United Nation’s General Assembly.

According to president Putin;

“The world can no longer sit by and tolerate whites farmers dispossessed of their land in South Africa ”  as well as condone the incessant  brutal and gruesome murder of farmers.

Russia which was part of the  former Soviet Union,  announced that they would take in over 1500 farmers from South Africa into Russia.

FThis is coming, after  Australia announced it’s government efforts to fast track visas for South African farmers in April, Russia has now agreed to take an initial  1500 farmers.