The people of Zimbabwe are obviously tired of President Mugabe’s leadership, but the question remains who will challenge and win him at the polls knowing the enormous power he controls.

Well seems like their prayers may have been answered as a popular pastor who lead protest against him sometime last year, seems to have indicated interest in running against him come next election.

It will be recalled that the pastor who was identified as Evan Mawarire  has been previously threatened by Mugabe when he lead the protest last. A protest which has been termed the largest  protest against the government in Zimbabwe in recent times.

Since been released on bail after his arrest earlier this month in Harare over charges of inciting public violence, said that if there was a need or if it really becomes a necessity for him run for the election that he would;

“If the need arises or if it becomes necessary for me to participate in the elections I really want to be available for that,” he told reporters outside court on Friday.

“I believe it is my duty as a citizen to serve my nation in that way… I haven’t made that decision as yet but certainly I don’t want that door to be closed.” He said