Zimbabwean president Emerson Mnangagwa has made in emphatically clear after winning the nation’s most important office that he will do all within his presidential power to bring  white farmers back into the country to help Zimbabwe flourish again.

According to the president new policies of government will be formulated to give white farmers tax breaks and other huge incentives as well as a conducive and reliable atmosphere to engage in their farming endeavour.

Mnangagwa explained that it has been tested world over that white farmers have the best expertise and merchandise to sustain large scale commercial farming that is capable of providing food all year round.

While addressing the press in Harare, he decried the ill-treatment of the white farmers by previous administration which eventually brought a once flourishing country to his knees and promised that with the shortest possible time Zim will be revived. Statistics have proven that:

“We are correcting the mistakes of the past, things have not been the same since white farmers left Zimbabwe. No country can go forward with only one race, we need both black and white people, the are the best farmers world over,” President Mnangwagwa.

He noted that the government will restore Zimbabwe to a good state before local and international communities and to achieve that, it will require whites also.

He used the occasion to advise his South African brothers that the issue of land expropriation was a very sensitive one and could be volatile if not properly managed.

He applauded the courage of patriotic Zimbabweans for not aligning with the former president to perpetuate a candidate that he and his family would continue to control by proxy.