It’s not a good sign when your country’s leader is listed with Donald Trump‚ whose approval rating hovers at around 40%.

South African President, Jacob Zuma received dubious honour recently‚ when a compiled list of five world leaders less popular with its citizens than the embattled American president.

Most South Africans that have been protesting for the President to resign will be happy to see Zuma making the cut.

His approval rating is 20 percent in the seven major metropolitan areas. More eye-popping is the number of South Africans who want him to resign: an astounding 70%.

SA’s slumping economy and alleged capture of the state are part of the reason for the low approval ratings.

With nearly 800 charges of corruption against him‚ his patronage networks and the expelling of well-respected ministers are also part of myriad reasons to account for only one in five urban South Africans supporting the president.

The other four listed include Michel Temer of Brazil‚ Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro‚ Najib Razak of Malaysia, Mohhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and Alexis Tsipras of Greece.

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