A 38-year-old Cameroonian man called Nicho Dieudonne reportedly transformed into a rat and ate a new-born baby’s leg in Bamileke quarter, Abakwa, in Ndop recently.

According to reports, when the rat was caught and killed, Dieudonne died mysteriously four hours afterwards.

Neighbours to a family in that quarter were awoken by the screams of a nursing mother at about 3:30am.

Following what the neighbours said, the nursing mother had awoken to breastfeed her baby.

When she switched on the light, she saw a fat rat clinging to the child’s dress. Immediately the rat saw her, it leapt away and disappeared.

It was reported that the spot from which the rat escaped was stained with a lot of blood dripping from the child’s dress. After undressing the child, the mother reportedly discovered that the child had lost both her legs.

The neighbours are said to have rushed both the baby and the mother to St. Mary’s Hospital Ndop.

Sources in Abakwa say the incident did not surprise many people in that quarter as it was not the first time.

Stories abound that human beings in Bamileke quarter Abakwa, Ndop, transform into rats. The rats are frightfully large and select the most important in the house to eat and destroy; not what the little mice of the Grassfields eat.

In Abakwa, rats open pots and also steal money.

About one and half years ago, rats are reported to have caused a husband and wife to separate.According to the story, George Talla had been losing money in his house. He had suspected his wife and had even beaten her mercilessly.

Eventually, unable to bear the beatings, she reportedly quit and went to their home in Mbouda in the West Region.

It was told that one day when Talla returned to his home, he was unable to enter his house because some big rats were playing in his parlour.

He is said to have struggled to chase them away but instead they attacked him. He then raised an alarm and neighbours attacked the rats seriously but they all dived into the ceiling and others into and hole below the bed.

The people dup into the holes and caught the rats. They also found all the missing money.