President Robert Mugabe is now going awol. The long serving Zimbabwean leader is asking South African government to borrow a cue from his prosperous country and also implement policies that will empower blacks in South Africa. Stressing his unshakable resolve, Mugabe said ” We have a problem with our South African allies, the whites are still controlling industries there, they are the main employers and have many farms”.

He reiterated that “Our friends in the ANC are looking at means of redistributing the land to the majority of the people. It is the same situation in Namibia”.

The land is our heritage and we are happy that we are now proud owners of land and we must utilise it and ensure that our children go to school.

Mugabe calls for peace in the country. “Peace begins with me, peace begins with you and peace begins with all of us”

According to Mugabe, HIV/AIDS has killed so many people so I urge youths to be disciplined. The Zimbabwean ruler said he was proud of his decisions, and encourages South African government to implement same on home soil.