A 36 year old man in Georgia was taken into custody by police, after he punched a stripper multiple times for leaking breastmilk on him during a private dance, according to reports.

Derrick Jones’ night out at the strip club did not end the way he expected, and the 36-year-old alleges the exotic dancer “squirted” breast milk on him while dancing for him privately.

The incident, which his friend Martin Higgins claims to have witnessed, allegedly occurred at Magic City in Atlanta at 12:45 a.m. Sunday.

Jones told cops the woman, who he said looked like she just had a baby and “squirted breast milk” on him, was disgusting him and he’d become “tired of it,” according to reports.

“My friend and I were sitting at the bar drinking when I got approached by the stripper. She told me that she was diggin’ me and that I should get a dance with her, said Jones. She had a bubble butt but her stomach was kinda flabby but I didn’t mind because that a** was on fleek. She even offered me a discount. When we got to the back, everything was good up until she turned around and grabbed her breast. As soon as she squeezed them, breast milk squirted out and got all in my face. She started laughing, so I knocked her funky a** out.”