A man in the US was given $75 (R1,000) after he walked out of a Tennessee prison in 2009 where he served time for 31 years for a crime he did not commit.

Lawrence McKinney got exonerated of rape and burglary after DNA evidence proved him innocent.

According to a CBS News report, McKinney is hoping the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, can help make up for 31 years of not being able to earn an income.

While McKinney is eligible for up to $1 million in compensation under Tennessee law, a parole board has twice denied his request for additional compensation.

Despite a judge dropping the case after DNA evidence excluded McKinney from being a suspect in the 1978 crime, the parole board is not convinced of McKinney’s innocence.

I have not been convinced he is innocent,” Patsy Bruce, a former parole board member who heard McKinney’s compensation case, told CBS News.

But McKinney’s attorney says that justice has not been served in this case.