Following the recent Zim’s election which brought back the sitting president back to power. Alot has been going on and blames are flying around. A concerned citizen who choose to remain anonymous has revelead that SA, China aided in making sure that the opposition leader was not elected,

Zimbabweans MDC ,NPF, ZAPU or Zanu pf supporters I want you to understand something about Nelson Chamisa becoming the president of zimbabwe πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό.
South African gvt and Chinese gvt members of BRICS Bank which Zimbabwe is not into , are not happy why? South Africa knows that Chamisa becoming the president of zimbabwe will be a threat to their economy why because, International investors will invest Billions of dollars πŸ’΅ in zimbabwe under Chamisa’s leadership, even those who invested in South Africa want to leave South Africa because of many challenges.
Mind you South Africa have more than 197 companies which are looting our resources in zimbabwe same applies to China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³. The reason why they are supporting Zanu pf is because Zanu pf is protecting their businesses which doesn’t benefit me and you, which doesn’t create job for me &you. My message to you Zimbabweans don’t praise comments of Malema & Ramaposa which says Chamisa accept defeate.
2008 Mbeki defended their interests after Tsvangirai won, They may differ in politics politics but they unite when defending their country’s interests (look malema & Ramaposa are in same page in defending their interests but different in political parties) which is what we failing in our country (to defend our interests) Have you ever heard our leaders commenting about their leadership problems? Why they jump into conclusions about our political issues? Wake up Zimbabweans 😳😳