After an innocent 4-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in her village in Reyes, Bolivia, the entire community wanted revenge on the man accused of the crime. He thought he’d be safe from the townspeople while locked away in jail…but he thought wrong.

The little girl was not a local, but had been visiting with her parents to attend her grandfather’s funeral. It’s so sad they will now have to plan another one.

The locals refused to wait for the man to go on trial, so they marched to the police station ready to get their justice. They massive crowd overpowered the police, grabbing the man to bring him out into the street and hung him from a tree.

‘The dead bodies, both the girl’s and the lynching victim’s, have been moved to Palos Blancos [near Bolivian capital La Paz], we are investigating the case,’ said special crimes director Ivan Zambrana. No one has been arrested for the lynching, but police are going over video to identify specific people.

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