A 36-year-old Egyptian woman, Eman Ahmed is unofficially believed to be the heaviest living woman in the world. Weighing 1,102 pounds (500 kg), Eman hasn’t left her bedroom in twenty years and finds it difficult to even move around or turn on her side.

Two years ago, her condition worsened, after she suffered a stroke which affected her ability to speak properly and also affected her movement even further. Eman’s family say she’s suffered thyroid problems since she was born weighing an unusually large 5kg.

She put on weight rapidly and was forced to stop attending school by fifth grade as she had become lethargic and her legs became unable to support her weight.  “She would use her knees to reach the car in the parking lot and we would drive her across Alexandria and the coast without leaving the car,” says her sister Shaimaa.

Eman’s plight caught the attention of Mumbai-based surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, who set up a fundraising initiative in order to fly Eman to India. Eman’s visas have now been secured after her application was rejected by the Indian embassy because she couldn’t attend to the application in person.