A father in Kitwe, Zambia, whose name has been withheld , has been arrested by the state Police for allegedly inserting electric heater into the anus of his 13-year old son for being gay.

The man committed this act over allegations that his young son had been engaging in homosexual activities with some politicians. And that he is doing it for money.

His 13 year old son, however claimed to have been raped in a hotel by a rich unidentified politician, but his father didn’t believe him.

The man reportedly chained the little boy before he carried out the act.

According to his neighbors, the father has in many occasions in the past, subjected his children to various forms of abuse, including depriving them of food each time they do something wrong.

He was accused of chaining one of his daughters named Mama for insulting her stepmother.

A top government official, who pleaded anonymity, said the man had been arrested and he will face the full length of the law.

Residents of the of the area complained about the growing rate of homosexual activities.