Legendary Argentinian footballer, Diego Maradona, has described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a ‘phenomenon’ who can bring peace to many in the world, while US leader Donald Trump is a ‘cartoon character’, who can’t be treated seriously, according to him.

The controversial football legend made the remarks while speaking to journalists in Moscow on Friday.
According to him, “I think that after Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, Putin – together with [Ariel] Ortega and Evo [Morales], represent the ‘top league” of political leaders.

Putin is a man who can bring peace to many in this world,” he added, describing the Russian leader as “a phenomenon; simply a phenomenon.”
On US President Trump, who he doesn’t regard among the top elite, he said: “For me, he’s more of a comic.”

“He’s like a cartoon to me, if we talk about politics… Every time I see him on TV, I switch the channel,” he added.

Speaking on US dominant force in the international arena, the 56-year-old footballer said: “One shouldn’t forget about Russia, China, about North Korea. The US isn’t the county sheriff anymore. We’ll find a gun to match the one they have,” he said.
Maradona stressed that no one wants war, but “when you see such cartoon characters like Trump, you begin thinking that if such a man takes it into his head we may all become enemies.”
Latin America is feeling “increasing pressure from the right. By right, I mean the US,” which is bad for the continent, he said.

“The right is stronger now. The right has more money. They can buy a lot of things. And I’m outraged because of it – as under previous presidents, the people at least had food, but now in Argentina, there are people who are starving. It’s sad. Very sad. And it’s not only Argentina. Brazil, as well,” he said.

Diego Maradona is universally regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of football.