Despite the civilisation of the world, one would assume that certain animalistic tendencies must have been wiped out.

But cannibalism is still alive, and is finding its way back to the world in spite of new age civilization.

Bua Yai, Betong and Bang Si Mueanga are villages in Thailand, Asia, where people eat human body. The inhabitant of this village derive pleasure in eating human flesh.

Although they claim it is corpse medicine most times.

“Corpse medicine” (a form of cannibalism) was once acceptable, it started to grow out of favor in the 16th century.

Cannibalism can, only facilitate the spread of deadly prion diseases, lead to untold human suffering for victims and should not be encouraged.

Images of residents of Bua Yai, slaughtering and eating human beings has been making headlines recently.


Below are some GRAPHIC IMAGES showing where humans are been slaughtered for food.

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