According to a report by the Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria. A University in the South Eastern part of the country have just confirmed the discovery of a possible cure for HIV/Aids.

The news was confirmed by the school’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Francis Otunta. He revealed to the media that Otunta at the university campus on Wednesday that the finding followed years of scientific research by the school.

He also revealed that one Prof. Maduike Ezeibe, a researcher in the university is the man behind the discovery. “Prof. Ezeibe is a researcher in Veterinary Medicine and one may wonder how he discovered a drug to cure a human ailment,” He has brought honour to the University and we are proud of him.” He said

The prof said that the drug was produced with Aluminum Silicate and Magnesium Silicate (Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate).

He also said that the two minerals “are already in use as medicines for the treatment of various animal and human diseases”. Upon conclusion, he said that 10 persons living with the disease, “who volunteered’’, were made to apply through their doctor to the VC.