Dismayed that most citizens of former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe were usually treated with outright rejection and disdain despite all the human and material sacrifices his country committed to the liberation struggle in the former apartheid infested region.

Furious Mugabe noted that it was extremely appalling that the scourge of apartheid was still firmly rooted in the souls of many, and discrimination is still holding sway in the so called proclaimed ‘rainbow’ nation.

Speaking in an enlarged stakeholders gathering in Harare, the president said although his country was one of the most economical viable country in the  continent, it won’t prevent some people from migrating to other countries for various personal and social reasons.

Having read several local newspaper articles, questioning the actual origin of Malusi Gigaba, he decried that he was stunned that a respectable Finance minister in South Africa, having served the  government meritoriously for many years would be ridiculed publicly in the media, because of baseless speculations that he has Zimbabwean roots.

According to the long serving president, this goes to expose that some who proclaim civilization are far from the word. He further noted that  hostility and raw hypocrisy have become  valuable natural resources to some countries.