The Pres. Donald Trump has left the world in shock after he fulfilled one of what he termed as ‘actions of progress to make Africa great again’ during his campaigns on African leaders he mentioned particularly Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, Uganda’s Museveni and Jacob Zuma of South Africa.

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According to Washington Times, Pres. Trump claims ‘he has not started yet’ and this was just the beginning. An interesting publication further stated that Pres. Trump has made ‘all possible legal moves with Singapore authorities’ to block the Zimbabwean President from ever visiting Singapore for the rest of his life, a country which he  visiting at the moment for health check-ups.

The US Pres. who vowed to lockup Pres. Mugabe, Jacob Zuma and Museveni in prison when he ascends to Presidency late last year has promised to make another ‘harsh’ undisclosed move again on President Mugabe within 14 days.

”I saw this coming and I expect the worst, I know Mr Trump as a man of his word, he never gives empty promises”,Peter Stephens,a political analyst was quoted.