The lifeless body of a stowaway was on Wednesday found in the main wheel well of one of Arik Air’s A330-200 aircraft at the Oliver Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg.

Investigations are underway into the death of a man whose body was found in the wheel of a foreign airline at OR Tambo International Airport.

On Wednesday, South African Airways (SAA) confirmed its customer flights were scheduled for a routine maintenance check.

Nigerian airline Artik Air has since released a statement saying the man’s body was found on one of its flights.

The airline says investigations are underway to determine how the man found his way into the wheel of the plane without being detected.

The airline says the plane left Nigeria for Johannesburg on Tuesday and the body was discovered on Wednesday morning.

SAA’s Tlali Tlali says the matter is being investigated.

“The matter has now been referred to agency and the regulatory authorities for further investigation.”

It’s not clear how or when the man died.

This was the third incident in the airline’s history of an alleged stowaway found dead in Arik’s plane. The last incident was reported in March, 2015 when a suspected Nigerian stowaway was found dead on the Arik Air aircraft at the Lagos airport while engineers were checking the plane’s preparation for a flight from Lagos to Johannesburg.