There was a strong vulgar exchange of fowl language in a manner that seemed very pedestrian between two prominent South Africans which has attracted public criticism.

The exchange ensued from  eldest son of President Jacob Zuma‚ who accused Phosa of being bitter and attacking the ANC.

Zuma wrote an open letter in response to Phosa’s open letter published last week‚ in which Phosa called for the president to step down.

“Having known him personally as a child during those days makes me want to vomit as I would have warned the ANC , what traitor he was to become post-apartheid‚” said Zuma in his letter.

Phosa responded to Zuma’s open letter by saying: “I have said it once and I will say it again: Edward Zuma is a little piece of vomit and not worthy of any comment because he talks rubbish.”

The scathing letter by Phosa against the ANC leadership was prompted by the failure of speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete to allow a moment of silence for the 94 psychiatric patients who died under the care of the government.

In his letter Phosa said he refused to be part of the intellectual funeral of the ANC and stand with a party that trampled on the people who voted them into office.

Zuma did not take the attack lightly and went on to rubbish Phosa’s call for his father to step down as president, saying: “We will rally behind the ANC led by Zuma until his constitutional term ends and not because some people say [sic] sipping expensive whiskeys and then decided to make noise and mislead South Africans.”

Phosa had also said that he refused to be buried in the same graveyard as the current ANC leadership.