The ANC celebrated their 105 birthday yesterday in Soweto and lots of party faithfuls were all in attendance from all parts of the country.

As one would expect the opposition parties to speak against it. Leader of the EFF and former ANCYL Julius Malema while visiting the only remaining #feesmustfall protester who is still in custody at the Westville Prison in Durban.

Malema was quoted as saying that since the arrival of his party, they have been able to remove the ruling party from using the FNB stadium, which is far more bigger than they one they used, saying that they would even use a much smaller one on their next rally since they needed to ferry supporters to this one in the first place;

“Gauteng is gone. The arrival of EFF has removed them from FNB [Stadium].” A growing party did not need to bus in supporters and did not choose a smaller stadium over a bigger venue. The EFF had never bused in supporters from another province, because the party did not have the money to do so.

Speaking about the detained #feesmustfall protester Bonginkosi Khanyile, he said he is a hero in their own eyes;

“He is a hero in our eyes. They have not arrested him. They have arrested the cause of free education.” He said Khanyile was striving for education for all, as was the EFF. “We don’t want to be like Zuma. We don’t want to be like Zuma’s family. We want to be educated,” he said in a referrence to Zuma’s lack of formal education.