According to The ANC Youth League President Collen Maine while addressing more than 2 000 people on Wednesday at a lecture on economic freedom at Durban’s Olive Convention Centre, says he wouldn’t mind if the Rand falls, so that when it rises, they will be the one in control of the economy;

“We want the rand to fall, we need those economic turntables. The rand will fall but when it rises, we will be in charge of the economy of South Africa,” he said.

He asked the youths to compose a song for Zuma

“Once you get attacked by capital, it wins.

“This rand thing comrades, it is very problematic. During the local government elections, when it was said that the ANC was not doing well, the rand gained strength, but when the ANC wins somewhere else, the rand depreciates,” Maine said.

“The problem is the ANC itself, we are more afraid of the market and the rating agencies. My solution to that problem is that the ANC must get younger.”

He also added by saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is his inspiration;

“As we compose the song [about you], can you please be the Putin of South Africa?” he asked President Jacob Zuma