President Zuma while speaking to thousands of party faithfuls earlier today at the Orlando Stadium following their party’s 105 Birthday bash, said they must give the people hope;

Below are some of the President’s speech;

“This is a special year for the ANC. One of the key architects of the ANC, Oliver Tambo, would have celebrated his centenary this year.

“We also honour one of the great heroes of the liberation struggle, Fidel Castro, who passed away on November 25 (last year).”

“We must give our people hope. We must unite against our common enemies of unemployment, poverty and inequality. Not against one another.

“The ANC leagues – (Women’s, Military Veterans and Youth) are at the coalface of representing their specific constituencies. They must lead our people. We must not tear ourselves apart.

“We must emulate OR, who was exemplary in lifestyle and conduct. Members of ANC must be exemplary in leading a life of integrity and humility, like OR (Tambo) did.

“We can disagree as South Africans but still engage respectfully as compatriots. We must also continue building a non-partisan country.”

“This year we will begin to use expropriation laws with greater speed and in line with the Constitution,” he said.