Taking a swipe at white South Africans, Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Julius Malema has once again urged black South Africans to take back lands.

He reiterated the need for the black indigenous to control the country’s economic power.

Juju was speaking at the Africa Day celebrations in Joubert Park on Thursday. He told his audience that South Africa, like many other African countries, will only be liberated once land and economic power is taken from whites and controlled by the blacks.

He insisted that granting Africans a political power is not enough but should be backed with land and economic control.

The EFF commander in chief noted at the Africa Day celebrations that he’s willing to grow his party beyond African borders in pursuit of economic freedom for all black Africans.

Malema called for SA to stop stop attacking people from other African countries over an excuse that they were taking their jobs.

No African brother was taking anyone’s job, he said. We must get ourselves educated to get job.

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