Known Whistle Blower and Former ANC Member of Parliament Vytjie Mentor on Sunday said that the claims made by the new public protector against the former public protector, Thuli Madonsela, does not make any sense.

Reacting to the to a Sunday Times report in which Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane told the newspaper that Mentor had lodged a complaint against Madonsela over a leaked audiotape of a four-hour interview she had with President Jacob Zuma.

“I was a whistle-blower. I was the first person to be interviewed by Thuli [Madonsela]. I have also been defending her on my Facebook wall. Why would I lay complaint against her?” said Mentor.


“If she had not done that, then this lie would have been perpetuated that she never interviewed the president,” said Mentor.

“Of late, supporters of Zuma have this new thing. They have been saying that I am crazy, I am not okay upstairs. Somehow, I think this is line with Thuli. Only a person who is not thinking clearly would act against processes they initiated,” said Mentor.


Just yesterday mentor took to her Facebook account to share he thought about the issue saying that the new PP is a lie and that she may be taking legal actions against her;

“I will never, ever for the duration of Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s tenure send anything to her office. I will go to the courts. I will go to the human rights commission instead,” she said.

Mentor said she had posted her concerns over the new public protector on Facebook account numerous times.

“It is worrying that she would be more concerned with protecting the state and not the public as she is mandated to do. I don’t think a spy would be a good public protector,” she said, a reference to Mkhwebane’s former role at State Security and allegations that she was once a spy.

“[Her] position would be to protect the state and not the people. It takes a particular kind of lawyer to make that shift from defending the state to defending the public,” said the former ANC MP.

Some have criticised Mkhwebane since the start of her term in office. She said she understood where the criticism was coming from. “The public is right to say she is a president protector. I had said she would be a state protector but didn’t know she would be [a protector] of one person.”