On Friday morning, water cannons and teargas had to be deployed in Brackenfell, Cape Town, as a march to the local high school became increasingly tense with racial tensions building.

Much anticipation had built up as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) made their way to Brackenfell High School to hand over a petition. 

The party accused the school of being racist after a private event was held, allegedly for white matric students only.

A memorandum is planned to be handed over to the school by 2pm.

Only 100 protesters were meant to attend the demonstration by the EFF, according to Covid-19 protocols. It is believed that the number of demonstrators far exceed this. Video footage of the demonstrators show that not many masks are being worn, and regular sanitising is not being practiced. 

Residents and former students were on the other side of the protest action, far away from EFF demonstrators. They, too, came out in droves to support the school and were critical of the EFF’s intentions.

Teargas was used to push EFF supporters back, even though reports indicate no violent demonstrations took place. 

Crowds were eventually dispersed, and police have blocked off roads leading into the school with barbed wire fencing. 

It is reported that there are currently no students at Brackenfell High School, and that alternative arrangements have been made for matriculants to complete their exams.