In view of the widely anticipated State of the Nations address (SONA) by pres. Zuma on thursday, The Democratic Alliance (DA) allays fear of a possible restriction of parliament and journalist.

According to DA chief whip John Steenhuisen, president Zuma’s administration seems to have reduced parliament’s engagement.

In his words, he said:

“The opening of parliament in the Zuma era has increasingly become associated with paranoia and over-the-stop security measures.

Steenhuisen expressed displeasure over what he called “needless securitisation” he also talked about a possible barring of journalist from the premises.

He further stated that “this unwarranted limitations means that accredited media will be unable to access the building which houses opposition parties and some media organisations” he noted.

the embittered Steenhuisen further stressed ” i will also raise this issue in the chief whips forum, as media freedom cannot be trampled on  vacuous “security” grounds, especially at parliament”. It is expected that this undue restrain will be minimized.