According to a press release by the leading opposition party in the country, The DA. They can confirm that the ANC-run Mantsopa Municipality has just purchased a mercedes Benz C-class worth about R500,000 for its mayor at a time when are facing issues with Eskom.

Read the press release below;

The DA can reveal that the ANC-run Mantsopa Municipality has purchased a R500 000 Mercedes Benz C-class for the Mayor, Ms Tsoene.

At a time when Eskom is threatening to cut electricity supply to Mantsopa due to non-payment of R92 million, the Mayor should be focused on  saving every possible cent to spend on service delivery. A new Mercedes Benz is simply unacceptable.

The DA appeals to Mayor Tsoene to do the right thing and cancel the purchase of the vehicle. It is time to put the people first, and not the ANC’s  own personal interests.

Service delivery is at crisis levels in Mantsopa:

  • The municipality struggles to provide people with clean and safe water;
  • Graders, refuse removal trucks and other vehicles are either broken down, or so old that they need replacement;
  • Pot-holes are not filled, and roads in many communities are in a precarious state;
  • Many streets do not have lamps, and sign boards are illegible;
  • Sewage is flowing in the streets;
  • People are forced to live with garbage due to inconsistent collection of refuse;
  • R3 764 525.57 was lost in wasteful expenditure;
  • Irregular expenditure for the period 1 July 2015 – 31 December 2015 amounted to R846 465.75 due to the SCM policy not being adhered to.

Where the DA governs, we always put the people first. That is why DA Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga rejected 10 BMW 3 Series which were bought by his predecessors for use by the executive, and donated them instead to the city’s new anti-hijacking unit.

This is the change that we want to bring to Mantsopa. This is change that creates jobs, delivers better services and stop corruption. We will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that this happens.