While Mantsopa Municipality is owing Eskom R98 million, it lavished R1.2 million on flowers.

The municipality is one of the Free State municipalities facing black-out threat due to unpaid electricity bills.

The DA in the Mantsopa municipality is agitating against the R1.2m the municipality spent on flowers in the 2015/2016 financial year.

Reports have it that they have written to the council and its financial committee about it expressing that it’s uncool and an extensive display of financial irresponsibility.

Tania Halse, a DA Councillor in the Mantsopa municipality lamented that it’s super stupid for the municipality to lavish R1.2 million on flowers while it can’t pay Eskom.

She also identified that the roads and water infrastructure in the municipality are bad because there is no money to fix them.

With that, she charged that the accounts committee must explain what the flowers were for. “They must prove that the right procedure was followed since more than R100 000 was spent,” stated Halse.