The DA has today written to the Speaker of Molemole Municipality, Mpelege Moreroa, to allow for urgent questions to be put to the Mayor, Edward Paya. This follows his decision to halt the appointment of two Section 56 Manager positions so that he could pave way for his close pals, who campaigned for him during the previous municipal elections, to get the jobs.

The two positions, Senior Manager in the Community Services and Senior manager Local Economic Development became vacant and were advertised in November 2016.

Interviews were held in the same month and suitable candidates were recommended for the positions but the political interference by the dominant ANC faction took the centre stage, orchestrated by Mayor Paya.

It is alleged that the Mayor is currently abusing his powers to sidestep procedures to ensure that his pals are appointed.

Their appointments are allegedly campaign promises made by Paya.

All services in the affected departments have been disrupted due to the Mayor’s political interference.

This indicates that the Mayor and his cabal’s self-interests are being prioritised instead of accelerated service delivery to the people of Molemole.

The DA furthermore urges the Speaker to facilitate an investigation into these allegations of nepotism and summon the Mayor to appear before the Ethics Committee to initiate disciplinary action without delay.

The Speaker must further ensure that the suitable candidates recommended for both positions commence with their duties to accelerate services to the people of Molemole.

We will further submit a motion of no confidence against the Mayor in the next council meeting to ensure no further political interference in municipal appointments.