The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have said that councillors from the party are being harassed for wearing their overalls.


“The EFF condemns the harassment of EFF councillors across the country for their choice to wear overalls to represent its constituency in their councils,” the party’s acting spokesperson Fana Mokoena said in a statement.


“The Economic Freedom Fighters has elected to express itself in a certain way which it deems representative of it constituency. It is not obscene, does not infringe on other people’s rights, and is peaceful and non-violent in character.”


The party accused councils of changing their rules specifically to harass EFF councillors.


The EFF said that their members continue to be expelled from councils, while others have not even been sworn into their posts yet.


“We want to state to all our detractors: The EFF is here to stay. There is not a single thing any of these dinosaur movements can do to derail that reality,” Mokoena said.


“We are a government in waiting. Perhaps they should take counsel of this fact when dealing with us in the present.”