“We’ll support increasing party funding in line with inflation but right now it’s an issue of cost constraints. Across government departments, nationally, provincially and even locally, there’s a budget crisis – public service vacancies have been frozen, we need to fund the National Health Insurance, various departments are in serious cash-flow crises, many municipalities are not financially sustainable.


Cosatu  says it does not support increased funding from state coffers for political parties.

The trade union federation says that the government’s financial constraints are too tight.

Cosatu’s been briefing Parliament’s ad hoc committee on political party funding.

Parties agreed that more money should come to them from the public purse, and the parties and academics who’ve made submissions are in general agreement.

But Cosatu’s Matthew Parks says the trade union federation doesn’t support this.

Cosatu also wants political parties to open up their books to public scrutiny and is questioning whether foreign funding of political parties should be allowed.