With few weeks until parliament’s vote of no confidence on president Jacob Zuma calls for Zuma’s resignation are getting increasingly louder.

Apart from the thousands who marched to the Union building on 7 April, 2017, several high profile politicians, some within the ANC have publicly voiced dissatisfaction with Zuma’s leadership.

Many believe Zuma is no longer fit to serve as president, following the recent Cabinet reshuffle and they blame him for the country’s economic downgrade.

Zuma’s association with the Gupta family and the public protector’s findings on Nkandla saga are some of the issues that have also turned many against the current leader of the ANC.

In response, Zuma believes many want him to step down because he intends to speedily implement the much-desired radical economic transformation. He has alleged that racist have found a platform to express their prejudices through the ongoing anti-Zuma campaigns.

During his birthday celebration at Walter Sisulu square in Soweto, 75-year-old Zuma said he was prepared to resign with an open heart at any given time should such an instruction come from Luthuli House. But according to his current mandate, he will remain president of the party until its elective conference in December 2017, and of the country through to 2019, when his term ends.

Zuma still has the backing of a number of politicians and citizens that believe he must remain president as he was democratically elected.

But opposition parties are adamant that before 2019 South Africa must have a different president. The Constitutional Court has been approached in a bid to force Parliament’s hand to move against Zuma, and pleas for a secret ballot during the upcoming vote of no confidence must surely have left many members of Parliament sweating.

While we wait to see what will happen between now and 2019, let us look back on who some of the voices are that have said Zuma must resign as president of the country.