The DA in a recent press release said that the party would be considering taking a legal action against the ruling party the ANC.

Read Below The press Release from the DA;

The DA notes with grave concern reports today that the ANC planned and indeed engaged in covert campaign tactics during the 2016 local government election.

To this end, the DA has referred the matter to our legal counsel who have been asked to consider the case towards both civil and criminal action.

In particular, the claims regarding fake opposition posters and the establishment of fake news agencies and television shows is an extreme abuse of democratic processes.

If true, these allegations show that the ANC is willing to manipulate and undermine ethical democratic conduct and action in order to ensure continued government rule. Such allegations can only be treated in the most serious light.

The ANC has shown repeatedly its failure to deliver services for the people of South Africa and this ‘black ops’ revelation shows that the ANC may have stooped to a criminal level to subvert democratic processes and hold on to power.