Many politicians have been looting the country and they seem to walk away with their looting.

Ranging from State looting and co-operate looting, the looting seems to be a norm now.

A probe into the Western Cape’s Kannaland municipality’s finances show a possible R14.7m worth of irregularities, the province’s department of local government said on Friday.

Anton Bredell, a Local Government MEC said that the probe has found that the majority of these purported appointments were irregularly made by deviating from the normal, competitive procurement process and without following the required supply chain management prescripts.

The investigation concluded that the irregular appointments and subsequent payments to these service providers resulted in possible irregular expenditure amounting to R14 741 584.06.

Kannaland municipality was on the brink of being cut off by Eskom in February 2016 over its R12.7m debt.


Bredell said that the early progress report from the forensic investigation involved allegations of fraud, corruption and other financial misconduct.


Disciplinary action was recommended for the officials who still work at the municipality.

The municipality is being led by a fragile alliance between the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance, to block the Independent Civic Organisation of SA in council.