President Jacob Zuma is in his second tenure as the party’s President and may likely go for a third term if given the chance.

Zuma while speaking to SABC’s Nguni radio station, said that the party is very much ready for a woman leader and has been for some time now.

“It is no longer a discussion in the ANC whether a women can take a high leadership position or not. This discussion has been had before and the party agreed that anyone who is seen to have the qualities to lead the movement‚ there won’t be any problem for that person to do so‚” Zuma said.

“The ANC is ready for that‚ in fact the party has been ready for some time.”

“If you look in government‚ women are holding key positions and you can see they are doing a good job… no one in the ANC is questioning whether a woman can be the president or not.

“It will depend on the integrity that she possesses and whether members see her fit for the position. We no longer look at whether the person is a woman or man. This is our belief in the ANC.”

Its no news that the party’s women wing (ANCWL) has endorsed his ex -wife who is also the AU chairperson as their likely candidate.

Did the President just openly endorsed his former wife for the leadership of the ANC