Pityana said when National Treasury is overrun by Pres. Zuma, it will be game over for South Africa.

“The takeover of National Treasury – if it happens – will be a major indictment on the ANC. When the ANC permits that, the organisation in itself will be a champion of state capture.

“If the ANC sits by and allows the president to run over National Treasury then the ruling party would have sold out SA, not so much the president,” he said.

Referring to Gordhan standing in the way of Zuma, Pityana said: “Pravin Gordhan is not a problem to Zuma because of a shape of his nose. Gordhan is an obstacle to the intentions of the corrupt.”

He said National Treasury “is the last frontier between Pres. Zuma and unfettered access to the coffers of the state of this country”.

“Zuma and his cronies’ attempts to loot the fiscus are frustrated by National Treasury”.

“When Project State Capture is complete our state-owned entities will provide unfettered access to state resources for Zuma and his cronies and family members,” he said.

“If you have no sense of what a nuclear deal will mean for SA, think about this: we’ll work for the Russians for the rest of our lives. Our children would be slaves of the Russians,” he said.

Pityana said a Cabinet lekgotla is currently taking place, but asked whether the real issues will be addressed. “Such as the hard questions about why the FIC Bill was sent back on the flimsiest of grounds. Or why the President pushes for the black industrialists programme, yet, the richest of them all is his friend Ajay Gupta?”

Atul Gupta, Ajay’s brother and chairperson at Oakbay Resources and Energy, is wealthier than Richemont chairperson Johann Rupert. He is also a close friend to Zuma.

Atul Gupta is the seventh wealthiest South African and the top earning black businessman.

Pityana’s speech followed a report in Business Day on Thursday that Zuma “could be ‘preparing the ground’ to remove Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, who is battling Jacob Zuma’s family friends, the Guptas”.

An unnamed source, referring to Zuma’s speech at the three-day ANC lekgotla last week, told the paper that Zuma criticised Treasury “for not availing funds for certain projects, saying his ministers constantly complained about being inadequately resourced by the Treasury to carry out their mandates”.