A minister in the present cabinet Jeff Radede has bemoaned the ugly drama that ensued on Thursday SONA which saw the members of the EFF bundled out of the hallowed chamber.

Radede who observed that the State Of The Union Address was very necessary, stating that it wasn’t out of place.

According to him, the address was”timely, appropriate and poignant”, saying the ANC fully supported it.

Radebe said the ANC was unapologetic over its stance to prioritise the black majority in its new policy to radically transform the economy.

The party man noted that two decades of transformation in the country had been too slow to benefit the poor.

“We must accelerate the radical socio-economic transformation to ensure black people benefit after suffering a lifetime of economic inequality”.

“We are a responsive government that puts the needs of the people at the apex of its agenda.” The minister noted.