President Zuma once again survived another vote of no confidence again.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said: “I am proud to be South African today because we tested our democracy today and I can confirm it does work.”

Malema said the numbers were a positive sign that the tide was turning.

“We have had seven motions of no confidence before where we have not got one vote.”

He said even the nine abstentions were a positive step.

“When your own people abstain instead of voting for you‚ they are passing a motion of no confidence in you“.

The CIC said: “it’s clear the tide is turning towards the opposition. This is a big elephant‚ we said we are going to eat it piece by piece and the results are showing“.

Asked whether he was surprised by the number of votes coming from the ANC‚ he said no.

“This morning the ANC were trying to present a united front saying a vote would show their unity. And what happened? Dololo!“

DA leader Mmusi Maimane applauded the “courageous people” of the ANC who had voted against Zuma.

He said while he was disappointed that the motion did not carry‚ he believed it was a sign that Zuma should resign as his own caucus had been shown to be divided.

Asked whether the hours and the money spent on securing the motion and the secret ballot were worth it‚ he said “accountability and democracy are very expensive things” but said the pursuit of these was always worth it.

The party will pursue their case against him in court in September as well as the impending impeachment proceedings as their next move‚ but Maimane said the focus was on the 2019 election.

“The sooner we get to a general election the better. The sooner we can get rid of the ANC.”