Since President Zuma’s midnight cabinet reshuffle, the ANC has not been the united ruling party we normally have. Some top ANC officials public criticized the president’s decision.

Some section of the ANC’s caucus in Parliament is allegedly planning to embarrass, impede and oppose President Jacob Zuma at every turn.

“Caucus doesn’t have any executive powers in the larger organisation, but we can have significant impact,” a senior MP told said.

The president is under increasing pressure within the party for an alleged state capture and the March cabinet reshuffle.

MP’s who are agitating for a change in leadership are now planning a three-pronged strategy, according to sources in caucus.

This includes:

  • Embarrassing Zuma with tactics such as not attending sittings when he is in the National Assembly (NA), not supporting him when he delivers a speech and threats to vote with the opposition;
  • Frustrating the passage of Bills that are important to Luthuli House by delaying deliberations in committee; and
  • Stopping to rubberstamp appointments and approvals from Luthuli House via the Executive.

Calls for Zuma’s resignation have been heard from various quarters within the governing party, including from ANC veterans and some bigwigs.