According to a press release by the DA in Matlosana, they are very much unhappy with the ANC mayor who is said to have requested for a new R1m ride after crashing his old car which is not more than 6 months old

Below is how the DA puts it;

The Democratic Alliance in Matlosana is appalled that ANC Mayor Maetu Kgaile wants a new R1 million car after his just 6-month old Mercedes Benz was crashed by her driver.

The DA will request that the Matlosana Municipal Public Accounts Committee investigates the circumstances that led to Mayor Maetu Kgaile’s official car getting into the accident, and why a brand new R1 million car is needed.

The Mayor’s Mercedes Benz was involved in a car accident six months after its purchase and now the ANC in Matlosana is requesting that R1 million be shelled out from the municipality to buy the Mayor a new BMW X5.

The DA now demands to know the following:

1. Was the Mayor’s driver trained in advance driving, a skill required to be a driver for the Mayor?
2. Was the Mayor on official Mayor duty at the time of the accident?
3. Was the driver tested for sobriety at the time, as we are credibly informed that no sobriety test was conducted?
4. Why is there no medical report into accident damage or injuries sustained?
To add insult to injury, since the accident the Mayor has made use of a leased luxury car and the bill for this lease being paid by the municipality is mounting up, but is not being disclosed by the Mayor’s office. The DA will request the Municipal Manager to immediately make this amount known, or face a demand for information in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

The municipality has a culture of financial mismanagement and wasteful expenditure while residents suffer without proper services, houses and jobs. This latest R1 million splurge is a further harm to the poorest residents of Matlosana.

The DA will use the MPAC investigation to get to the bottom of Mayor Kgaile’s luxury vehicle splurge.