Julius Malema the EFF leader seems to have instigate war in the hearts of White South Africa following his weekend post.

The post on twitter is causing quite a stir on social media. The leader posted a video of controversial US activity Louis Farrakhan in which he calls on black people to use violent on whites to rectify injustice.

” There is no freedom without shedding of blood, i’m sorry to say this, non violence is not going to bring the land back to us our activities will keep us from firing a shot. ” Farrakhan said on a video

Farrakhan who added that White people has always preached non violence but has used it to get ahead “don’t let the white man tell you that violence is wrong; every demn thing he got, he got it by being violent” he said.

“He is worthy to be hated, worthy because of the evil he does ” Farrakhan continues

Farrakhan who is born Louis Eugene Walcott aka Louis X is an American Religious leader who became a social activist after joining the Nation of Islam in 1995. He replaced his surname with letter ‘X’ a costume among Nation Islam followers who believes that their family names have originated from white-slaveholders

He is a protege of Malcolm X and one of the prominent members of Nation of Islam.