The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will on Friday stage another protest.

This after reports that a private event, organised by matric learners’ parents, was only attended by white pupils. Black pupils claimed they were not informed nor invited to the function.

The party picketed outside the school recently, where they were violently confronted by angry community members, who denied the school or event was racist, saying the event was open to everyone.

The school approached the courts in a bid to interdict the party from protesting, and failed.  Now the party has called on its members to “teach them humility”.

The EFF in a statement said “We did say that the terror attacks in Brackenfell will not go unanswered. On Friday, we will descend and ensure that nothing operates. They have pushed us, and they must prepare to be pushed harder. The EFF will descend on Brackenfell in its entirety and ensure nothing operates.

“All those racists who have an uncontrollable desire to control the movement of black people and dictate where we can and cannot go, will be taught the humility we taught racists in Senekal”.

“The attacks in Brackenfell are yet another confirmation that racists are emboldened under the current regime. It confirms our long-held belief that peace without justice is futile, and that as a nation, we have forgiven people who have no remorse for the oppression they subjected our people too.

“Our laws are undermined and law officials are bullied by white racists, who have decided that there is no black government or black authority that can threaten their grip on sections of our society.”

The EFF further claimed that the school had not had a black teacher since 1994.

Meanwhile, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has called for an investigation into the conduct of the two teachers who allegedly attended the contentious matric event.

The commission said “The alleged holding of a ‘whites only’ event, if true, is also strongly condemned. No one should be allowed to bring back racial segregation to this country. The deep racial divisions of South Africa’s apartheid and colonial past cannot be healed whilst children are socialised separately on the basis of race and thus, as a nation, we will never be able to forge a South Africa where all are equal, free and are treated with dignity.

“The commission has on numerous occasions called on communities to exercise their right to protest within constitutional and legal limits, peacefully and unarmed. The conduct seen on television of one of the men repeatedly beating with a stick a black woman in EFF uniform, is beyond shocking and we urge the police to trace the man and charge him, among others, with assault”.