The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has dropped a devastating bombshell on Police Minister Fikile Mbalula.

Malema said that President Zuma did not see potential in Fikile Mbalula even though he was ANCYL president at the time.

The CIC opened up about how he helped get Mbalula into Cabinet.

Malema said he used his close relationship with Pres. Zuma to plead for Mbalula to join others in parliament after Zuma expressed his intentions to exclude Mbalula.

He also said that one of  Zuma’s daughters was involved in persuading the president to include Mbalula because of their secret relationship.

“I took Zuma’s daughter and went to plead with the father to include Mbalula in Cabinet because i knew that they had something going on.

”Mbalula was my close friend during our ANCYL days, i used to have access to everything about him. I knew they were dating because he’s always on the phone with her.

”I actually used Peter Mokaba as an example with Thabo Mbeki, my grudge with Thabo Mbeki was when Peter helped to make him president, and when Thabo became president, he said: ‘I don’t have plans for you Peter in my Cabinet and all of that,’ and if you’re doing that, you’ll be repeating what Thabo did to a youth leader, and we’ll not be happy with that,” he said.

That is when Zuma decided to include Mbalula in Cabinet, proving the president did listen to Malema and his daughter’s suggestion.