On Thursday, Herman Mashaba had the day off, following his final day as mayor of Johannesburg.

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane is also in between jobs, and so it was only logical that the two met up on Thursday night for what Mashaba described as an “exceptional time”.

Rather than partying, however, it seems the pair spent the night planning their next move, which it appears they will be making together.

“The man is still more than committed and charged up to serve our country. We invite your participation in The People’s Dialogue from next week,” Mashaba said.

A tweet from Maimane from the night of the 27th – Mashaba’s last day in office – shows that the pair have now enjoyed each others’ company two nights in a row.

Maimane also confirmed that he and Mashaba are working together, saying that they will “now charter a way forward where future generations can be served by individuals who place citizens first”.

Questions sent to Maimane on what The People’s Dialogue is and where people can find out more about it were left unanswered at the time of publication.

Both politicians have hinted at starting something new and both have said that it may be some kind of civil society platform rather than a new political party.

In an interview on eNCA, Maimane constantly spoke of a “new vehicle” that he felt was needed to take South Africa forward but was vague on what this would mean.

While he said he would stay in politics, he also said that he was not sure a new political party was needed.

“A new political party may simply be saying let’s add another colour to the many colours of political parties that exist. We need a new coalition, a new vehicle,” he said.

He described this “new vehicle” as a “movement that is led by people for the people, that will challenge the status quo”. He added that he thought his “contribution to society is to get back to that discussion”.

Mashaba resigned from the DA with immediate effect on October 21 and gave notice as mayor, which he served until November 27. He cited as his reason Helen Zille’s election as the party’s federal council chairperson and the direction the DA had taken.

Maimane followed suit following an announcement on October 23, officially resigning as a member of parliament and as DA leader the following day.